About LightVC

LightVC is a lightweight model-view-controller (MVC) framework without the model. This decoupling allows any model or object relation mapping (ORM) tool to be used.

LightVC’s main purpose is to route requests to controller actions quickly and efficiently. It aims to be extensible, allowing custom routers to be provided (e.g. map legacy URLs to their new locations).

Unlike other MVC frameworks, LightVC does not couple itself to other classes such as those for managing sessions, form helpers, and so on. This promotes code reuse by allowing existing code for such tasks be used.

LightVC has been in production use (millions of hits a month) since early 2007 and was released to the public under the FreeBSD license later that year.

Some project goals:


  1. Download and extract one of the tagged releases.
  2. Point a web server to the “webroot” folder.

Read more about this in the Quickstart Guide.